Photographs in Islam

Photographs have long been a point of conflict for Muslims. Being that they are an enjoyable treat for all, many argue on their prohibition in the diin. The truth is photographs are prohibited for a believer i.e. a person who believes in the oneness of Allah and that the Prophet (peace be upon him) is … Continue reading Photographs in Islam


Many a Muslim are confused with the concept of Zakah. Even more are puzzled by the two categories i.e. Zakatul maal and zakatul fitr. Zakah is an obligatory charity one has to pay out of their wealth. “And establish prayer and give zakah, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves you will find it … Continue reading ZAKATUL FITR

The good side of the COVID 19 Pandemic: the Believer’s Perspective

Since the Covid 19 outbreak and eventual measures put in place by various governments and countries, everyone has been affected differently. Businesses have closed, Schools have closed, Mosques have closed, physical meetings have been banned. Of course, the initial shock sends the body into all sorts of emotions. People have lost jobs, have lost a … Continue reading The good side of the COVID 19 Pandemic: the Believer’s Perspective

Grappling with Grief?

As I was going through my IG, I stumbled upon an article about a Muslim Chaplain who was having health issues. Initially, he didn’t take it serious and attributed it to other existing illness he had been having over the years. When it got serious, he visited a Doctor and was then diagnosed with Liver … Continue reading Grappling with Grief?


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